President anyone?!

Please excuse me as I jump right off my soapbox before I even share my frustrations with you about the presidential candidates.  I just feel the need to pray for our country. 

Dear God,

I come to You now to celebrate this nation and surrender its destiny to You.  Thank you for giving us this country.  I thank You and ask You to bless the souls of those who founded this nation, this ONE NATION UNDER GOD.  Fill us with Your love and righteousness, so that we can bring healing to our country.  May we be cleansed of all our destructive thoughts.  May judgement of others, such as bigotry, racism, and intolerance be taken from us, wash us clean, O Lord.  Let our minds be filled with thoughts of You, and Your unconditional love and acceptance for all peoples.  May you forgive us, this nation, of our transgressions, and bless us.  Help us to learn from our mistakes.  Use us for Your good.  Turn our lives into instruments of resurrection, that the sins of our fathers might be reversed through us.  May the beauty of this land burst forth in the hearts of the people.  May the dreams of our forefathers be realized in us, so that we might live in honesty, integrity, and excellence with our neighbors.  Make our country a light for all nations, a light of hope, goodness, peace and freedom.  Cast darkness and violence out of our midst Dear Lord.  May hatred no longer grow here.  May we all feel Your grace upon us, and the spirit of truth in our hearts.  May we be forgiven, repaired and renewed My Lord.  May You bless our children.  May You bless our government leaders.  O Lord, please bless America.

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