Works for Me Wednesday

wfmwsmall1.jpgI can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, but all the people lined up over at Rocks in My Dryer tell me otherwise.   When you’re done here, drop by using the above link and catch all the other great ideas!

Do you suddenly become overwhelmed and short of breath after the Christmas or birthday gifts have been opened and your floor is covered up with pretty paper?  I do, but I’ve found a great way to recycle this paper.  I just run it through the paper shredder and store it in a bag or box in the basement.  When I have a gift for someone special, or one of the kids friends or teachers…it seems like we’re always needing something for someone…back to the subject!  When I have a gift, I go to the box of shredded wrapping paper and grab a handful to fill in the bag.  It saves money on tissue paper, and I can never make that look right anyway.  Now that I’m clipping coupons, I can also do this with the cutouts from the coupons.  The shreds are so small you really can’t tell what it is.  That’s what works for me! 


  1. I’ll be trying this useful, frugal tip. ThanX for sharing.

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