Prayer and fasting

Today was awesome in the most amazing way!  I prayed for over 31 families today, some that I’m close to and some that I’ve never met.  I prayed specifically for their needs, each and every one of them.  I feel so honored that they all shared their requests with me, and that I could do something that is so simple for me, yet can be so profound.  To everyone that emailed me, please know that I covered you in prayer on at least two separate occasions today, and many of you just popped into my head as I was doing something else so I prayed for you again.  I have faith that God is going to bless you all with His favor.  He is in control.  I learned so much today.  Sometimes a person has to be at rock bottom before they finally reach out, or cry out to Jesus.  When I pray for strength and endurance for my dh, maybe what he really needs is to feel empty and hopeless, so he has nowhere to turn but God.  That might be hard to surrender to, but I’m game if it works.  Surrender…

In a way, that’s what I did today.  I surrendered myself and put all else before me and it felt so good.  Did I get hungry?  Yeah!  You know those days where you’re just so busy you don’t have time to eat?  You don’t even really notice it!  Well I’ve done that before, and this is so much different.  I knew today that I couldn’t eat because I was giving that up for the greater good, and I got hungry.  My stomach was growling, and I was thinking of food.  But the Word of God sustained me.  He filled me up! 

In the words of Andrew Murray, “Prayer is reaching out after the unseen; fasting is letting go of all that is seen and temporal.  Fasting helps express, deepen, confirm the resolution that we are ready to sacrifice anything, even ourselves to attain what we seek for the kingdom of God.” 

I need to do more of this, and I’m trying to listen and follow God’s leading, so I’m going to have to get back with you on what that actually means.  For now, I want to leave you with some very wise words from one of the women from the 1 Peter 3 group that I’m in.  We all participated in this fast today, and prayed for the salvation of each of our loved ones.  R wrote this.  “He will speak.  Expect it.  Don’t be surprised by the revelations or the confirmations.  Don’t be surprised by the power of your prayers or the desires to worship.  Do as the spirit of God leads and watch Him work through your surrendered hearts to bring about transformation.  He is doing a new thing.  Don’t be afraid of that new thing.  For some, your prayer life will change.  For others, you will understand worship in a new way.  And for others, you will be given the direction you’ve asked for.  This isn’t about giving up food, but about seeking His presence and His will above all else.  Enjoy your fellowship with Your creator.  Rest in His arms.  Give Him your cares and concerns.  Trust Him with what you’ve held onto.  The attack of the enemy will be strong.  But your God, He is bigger than the enemy’s attack!  Put on your full armor and wage war against the prince of darkness through worship.  Enter the holy of holies and dwell there.  Just hang out.  Drink up His presence and soak in His truth.  He Will Speak.”

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