“Moore” Monday #8




The Lord will do great things for me, and I will be filled with joy.  I will sow in tears, then I will reap with songs of joy.  If I go out weeping, Lord, carrying seed to sow, I will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with me (Ps. 126:3, 5-6).

Please help me be willing to sow the seed of Your Word and to water it with my tears, believing You in the midst of my pain.  If I do, You will be faithful to fill me with joy again.  You will faithfully bring a harvest forth from my life.  My suffering will not be in vain. 

You, the God of all grace, who called me to Your eternal glory in Christ, will restore me and make me strong, firm, and steadfast after I have suffered a little while (1 Peter 5:10). 

From Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word Day by Day.


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