90 Day Bible Reading-Day 16 – 18

We have finished Joshua, Judges and Ruth, and will start with 1 Samuel tomorrow.  The weekend began with my birthday on Friday, and boy did I feel older!  It was so bitterly cold here that I just wanted to pull the blanket over my head and hibernate!  We had a chocolate cake with the whipped icing that I love, and it had chocolate bars on top.  Too bad it’s all gone, or I’d have a piece right now.  Saturday my mom and dad came up and we all had lunch.  It was really good, and I really didn’t do much else after that.  My dad called after they got home, and he had received word that his cousin had died suddenly that morning.  He was in his early 50’s, married with three kids.  It was a big shock, and I ask for prayers for his family to feel the healing love of Christ throughout the next few months. 

This week is going to be busy finishing costumes and getting ready for the first dance performance of the year.  I am not a sewing mom, so these costumes are kicking me!  Luckily I only have one major one to finish, everything else fit really well this time.  Also on the list for the week, clip coupons, work on the budget, shampoo the carpets, catch up on laundry, organize the towel closet, and a few other things that I can’t think of right now. 

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