God Speaks

I forgot to mention this earlier, and He reminded me of it just now.  It’s important because God is sharing it with me again.  This morning in church, the thought came into my head (God breathed it into my heart!) that I should read the bible like a book I’ve never read.  Read it as if you don’t know what the next page says, much less the ending.  Wow!  That brings a whole new perspective to things.  I was thankful that we no longer have to sacrifice!  If I look at it as it is, a true living story, and don’t know the ending, it’s pretty frightening.  I think we are blessed that our God is a patient and loving God, because He has put up with a lot of garbage from people along the way.  If I didn’t already know how to receive salvation, or saving grace, I’d really be worried. 


  1. Hey Jen,
    Yoga and Numbers this am. Not my most favorites but I did the yoga and read Numbers. I am definitely not into all the rules, regulations, and punishments, but I am reading it ALL. Am I on track with the scheduled reading? Thanks for blogging. I don’t always get to read it but when I do I really appreciate it.

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