90 Day Bible Reading-Day 9 – 11

The title of this post really hurts.  I’ve been away since Thursday night, so no synopsis of the readings.  I have done the readings, just haven’t had the time to sit with the computer. 

What have we missed?  LEVITICUS 15 – NUMBERS 26

Can I sum it up in a few sentences?  More OT rules and regulations passed on to the Israelites.  Moses continues to lead them with Aaron.  The Israelites are a bunch of cry babies, constantly complaining to Moses about what God hasn’t done for them.  Moses prays to God to feed, water, forgive them….and God carries out His will. 

Yep, I guess I can make it short and sweet 🙂  The readings were definitely not sweet though.  God rescued them out of slavery in Egypt, but they could only forsake Him.  Reading this has shown me, encouraged me to be more thankful for His promises to me, and handle the daily junk with a different attitude.  I just want to be a faithful believer, and follow Christ.  The Israelites wandered around for 40 years yes, but they were free, and no longer prisoners or slaves.  Nor am I.  I have every creature comfort I could ever need or want, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that God is with me, and the Holy Spirit is in me, and Jesus died for me.  God promises me eternal life, if I abide in Him. 

Thank You Lord, for the snow that fell today, and for the moon in the sky tonight.  It reminds me of Your presence, and that brings me great comfort.  Sometimes we tend to skip over the truly Big things, and focus on ourselves.  When we have self focus, there’s no room for You.  Lord, forgive me for the times that I have done this, and forsaken You.  Help me to keep my eyes on You, to always bring You honor and glorify Your name.  Thank You for Your protection, goodness and love.  Without You I cannot endure the trials, but with You, I can survive and defeat the enemy.  Thank You for Your Word Lord, that You are revealing new truths to me everyday, and fortifying my armor for You.  I ask that You would continue to nourish my soul with Your Word, and fill me with a desire to know Your wisdom so that I may lead others to You.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen

Tomorrow we will read Numbers 27 – Deuteronomy 3.  It will be Day 12 of our journey.  He’s only asking us for 90 days, not 40 years!  Let’s not let Him down, and make His Word a priority. 

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