90 Day Bible Reading-Day 7


I have to start out by being honest with you.  Today I just did the readings, and didn’t take notes like the previous days.  I’m trying to get back into the school routine, so I got up 30 minutes before I had to wake up my daughter to read.  By the time I sat down with my cereal, (must eat breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up to rev metabolism up) I had around 20 minutes.  You might be thrilled with the prospect of no notes.  I will need to study more later.  So, here’s what I took away from this morning. 

Moses and the Lord had many discussions over a 40 day period where Moses was on Mount Sinai.  Moses sort of challenges God by saying “go with us, why should these people believe me, follow me, if you don’t show you’re pleased with me.”  Moses goes on to say” Show me Your Glory.”  Whoa… maybe if I could sing like MercyMe, but I can’t imagine saying that otherwise!  But God says Yes!  I will show you my glory, but if you see my face you will die.  This reminds me that I forgot something, had to look it up and it’s before this, so I’m going back to chapter 32.  The Israelites cast an idol because they grew tired of waiting for Moses to come down.  God was angry and wanted to be left alone in His anger so that it would “burn against them and destroy them.”  But Moses questioned the Lord as to why He would want to harm them, whom their descendents He had promised the land.  Moses got guts!!!  I take Fear the Lord more literally than Moses did. 

The rest of Exodus pretty much goes into the descriptions and details of the Tabernacle and offerings.  Let me just say here that I am so glad we don’t have to do animal sacrifices anymore.  Thank You God! 

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