90 Day Bible Reading-Day 6

EXODUS 16-28

The people of Israel complained, Moses intervened and spoke to God, and God provided.  He defeated the Amelekites while Moses stood with his arms and staff raised to Heaven.  In my study bible, I read that showed his dependence, trust and faith in God.  Whenever Moses’ intercession weaned, so did the flow of God’s power on behalf of His people.  This divine principle  continues to operate under the new covenant.  If we fail to call on God daily in prayer, then the divine life, protection, blessing and grace will begin to stop flowing to us.  Our only hope for VICTORY lies in continually approaching the throne of grace through Christ. 

In chapter 18, Moses father in law, Jethro, counsels him on how to delegate officials to help him serve as judges. 

Chapter 19-  God’s covenant is established with the people of Israel on Mound Sinai.  Chapter 20-  The Ten Commandments are recorded here.  God wrote them on two stone tablets and gave them to Moses. 

Moral Law-Exodus 20:1-17  God’s standards for holy living

Civil Law-Exodus 21:1-23:33  Israel’s legal and social life regulations as a nation

Ceremonial law-the form and ritual of Israel’s worship and sacrifice

The OT laws were never complete, nor were they intended to be.  They were temporary until Jesus came, and then they were replaced with the new covenant.  Our plan of salvation is through Jesus Christ.  God allowed certain evils, slavery is one, for a time, because the people’s hearts were so hardened.  Know that those were changed in the NT, and we cannot receive God’s blessings and live a sinful life at the same time. 

Chapter 24-The covenant is confirmed through the blood.  The blood of the OT sacrifice, and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus.  The blood stood for cleansing and sacrifice, as it still does today. 

Chapter 25-  The offerings for the Tabernacle.  It is overwhelming when you think about the ornate details and fine jewels, gold, silver, and linens used to describe the making of the Tabernacle, altar, courtyard, and robes.  I had a “God Stop” (Beth Moore) moment while reading.  I’ve recently finished a study on Revelation, so I was pleased to see the Lampstand description.  The Lamps represent God’s light or presence!  Let there be light..

See you tomorrow for Exodus 29 – Lev. 1

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