90 Day Bible Reading

Wow!  I am so pleased that this is generating such an interest.  There have been a few skeptics, and that is OK too.  Mainly the concern is with how much retention there will be by reading such a large amount in a short period of time.  I had that question as well, but after researching some more, found that the testimonials of those who have completed the reading are so encouraging.  I don’t expect to remember all that I read, or major in theology.  My expectations are to have a deeper awareness of the foundation of the bible, or the framework, and that God will lead me in remembering what He wants me to bring out of this.  I’ll make connections and see themes that I might not see if I were reading both from the OT and the NT daily.  I do realize this is in no way a study of the bible.  That will follow this reading in 90 days.  By then, I pray to have a greater understanding of the Word, to aid in my study. 

My 11 year old daughter is doing this with me, and we have completed today’s reading of Genesis 1-13.  It is a very easy read, I’d say 30 to 40 minutes tops.  Don’t get bogged down with the genealogy, but don’t skip it either.  Read it all.  I’m contemplating doing tomorrow’s reading today as well, because I’m a day behind another blogger friend, and don’t have any interest in an accountability partner yet…. 😦       That reading will be Genesis 14 -26.  It’s more difficult, on this first day, to stop reading and not want to go on.  Hopefully that attitude will remain. 

The book of Genesis focuses on the creation and maintenance of the kingdom.  Genesis shows us that God wants to have a relationship with us, and is truly disappointed when we fall short and sin.  I noticed that with the advance of sin on the earth, the average age of death was lowering.  A few other key bits from today’s reading were about the sin of Adam and Eve that alienated God from mankind, the flood  which was God’s judgement on the world due to the extreme sinful nature of man, and the advance of violence and corruption, and finally the Tower of Babel.  The building of the tower offended God, so he scattered the people all over the earth, and confused the language.   Up until then everyone spoke the same language.  Oh, I can’t forget Cain and Abel.  The first instance of jealousy, where Cain kills Abel.  And we’re just starting to learn about Abraham.   My next post will be the reading plan for January.  If you want the entire plan, just let me know and I’ll put it up. 


  1. Hi! Would you mind putting up the whole schedule? I’m hoping to get through the whole Bible this summer 🙂 Thanks and God Bless!

    • At the top of my blog, on the right hand side, just click on Read the Bible in 90 days and it will take you to the full schedule. I’m so glad you plan on doing this. It will totally change you!!

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