90 Day Bible Reading Plan-January


1.  Genesis ch. 1-13

2.  Genesis 14-26

3. Genesis 27-39

4.  Gen. 40-Exodus 2

5.  Ex. 3-15

6.  Ex. 16-28

7.  Ex. 29-Lev.  1

8.  Lev. 2-14

9.  Lev. 15-27

10.  Num. 1-13

11.  Num. 14-26

12.  Num.  27-Deut 3

13.  Deut. 4-16

14.  Deut. 17-29

15.  Deut. 30-34


16.  Joshua 1-13

17.  Josh.  14-24

18.  Judges 1-13

19.  Judges 14-Ruth 4

20.  1 Samuel 1-13

21.  1 Samuel 14-26

22.  1 Samuel 27- 2 Samuel 8

23.  2 Samuel 9-21

24.  2 Samuel 22- 1 Kings 10

25.  1 Kings 11-22

26.  2 Kings 1-13

27.  2 Kings 14-25

28.  I Chronicles 1-13

29.  I Chronicles 14-26

That will get us through January, and we’ll be 1/3 of the way through our journey through the bible. 

Someone asked me what bible I’m using, so I’ll pass that along.  It’s not recommended that you use your study bible for this, so I have a smaller NIV printed by Zondervan that will fit easily into my purse.  The print is small, but OK to read, and today’s was only around 10 pages.  I can’t remember if I said this already, but you’re not supposed to take notes or highlight in your “reading” bible.  I kept a pencil handy and made a small mark beside anything that jumped out at me.  That way I can go back and highlight that in my study bible, or go back and study it at a later time.  I hope that helps answer your question.   


  1. I applaud your desire to not only encourage your readers to study the Bible and get on a reading plan, but that you also choose to use your blog as a way to keep yourself accountable for reading. I think it’s great! I wanted to let you know of a site that I came across that I think you’d enjoy and find profitable for your reading – Bible Study Tools at Christianity.com has a huge library of tools such as commentaries, 29 translations, devotionals, lexicons, maps, e-books, and great reading plans. You can also highlight text, save your own notes, use a split screen panel so you can see two translations, a translation and a commentary, etc. I hope you get a chance to explore it!

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