Happy New Year

Well Christmas is over, and Santa did come.  I  found an ornament with Santa in the manger talking to baby Jesus, and I want to tell you what it says, but I’d have to go downstairs and I’m too lazy right now.  Maybe later.  I have enjoyed the kids being home, and not running to and fro with them.  We’ve obliterated bedtimes and slept in, had days spent in our PJ’s, and thoroughly had fun.  This time next week it’s over.  I just want to dig my feet in and cry.  Life is just too busy!!  Brooke and I were up until 5 am playing games online together and laughing.  (She’s still asleep BTW!)  I told them we were going to have to get back on schedule so they’d be well rested and easy to wake up next week.  That is after our Harry Potter movie marathon, of course! 

We’d planned on having some friends over to ring in the New Year, but it didn’t happen.  I think everyone just wanted to stay at home and hang out, which was perfectly fine with me.  We had new furniture delivered, and I’d pulled an all nighter painting the living room,  so it looked great.  The rest of the house was fairly clean… so we just ate and watched a movie, played a game and then went to bed around 1:00 am.  I sat around yesterday and watched it snow until it was time to take Zach’s friend home, then came home and fixed the usual New Year’s Day dinner of smoked sausage and cabbage with fried potatoes.  After that, I set Matthew up with his PSP to watch Open Season while the rest of us watched a Steven King movie.  Uneventful and boring, but great in my book!  Hope yours was just as fun! 

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