The Crash

Monday morning started out like any other.  I had 2 kids off to school, and the Schwan’s man was here.  I was standing in the living room waiting for him to bring the food in when I heard a noise and looked out the window to see a car airborne and coming over the hill in front of our house.  In the next instant, I heard a crash, and the Schwan’s man was coming up my sidewalk.  I grabbed the phone and called 911, and saw that some of the construction guys from across the street were running to the car, which ended up in the creek at the edge of our property.  Let me first say the woman was OK, so I can draw the story out for you.  The 911 operator asked me two very strange questions.  Was anyone in the car, and what kind of car is it.  UMMM, I think the car was driving itself….and does it really matter what the make of the vehicle is?  It’s currently in the creek, and all I can tell you is I see a sunroof!!!!   Come on!  I got rid of her and ran to the scene.   I guess the nurse remains, even when you decide to stay at home to be a mommy!  She was actually getting ready to call someone on her cell phone, and only complaining of some soreness from the seat belt and air bag deployment.  The car was precariously perched on the bank of the creek, like she almost jumped it Dukes of Hazzard Style.  If she had done that, she would have ended up in the neighbors house.  Not good.  Anyway, the front bumper and tires were pretty much buried in the mud at the edge of their yard and the creek, then the back of the car just fell down into the creek.  We had police, EMT’s, and 3 Fire Trucks closing off the road to get her out.  They did a wonderful job, in the slick mud, and cut her door off to get her out.  Like I said, she was talking and OK.  Thank GOD!  This woman was so blessed by God, and I hope she knows that.  1- This road is so crazy busy all the time, and for there to be no other cars at the time she crossed the center line and lost control, is a miracle.  2-  She left the road on the north side, and came back up to the pavement, couldn’t get control and came to the south side over our hill.  If she had been 3 more feet over, she would have hit the huge Maple tree.  And it would not have given like the wet mud of the creek did.  3-  If she had jumped the creek, she’d have hit the neighbors stone house.  She had a passenger that day, and it was our heavenly Father.  I pray she realized that.  I know I thanked Him for His hand in it. 

I have pictures of the car after she went to the hospital, and the tracks in the yard, but I’m having trouble getting them into thumbnails again.  So I’m techie challenged…what can I say? 

I’ll work on it.

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