Busy and hectic

I’ve fallen off the blog! Since my last post I have been consumed in dance competitions with my daughter, and racing with my oldest son, along with a 4 day trip to Nevada with my husband. It barely seems like we have had time to breathe, and I don’t see an end in sight for another month. What is happening to us that we are constantly on the go and have little or no down time? I crave an evening where we don’t have anywhere to go, and we can get jammies on and snuggle, share time with each other, and catch up. Maybe tonight that will happen.

I’ve gotta run now, hopefully I can catch you up soon!


  1. Jen,

    I’ve been meaning to come by to visit your blog for months. Please forgive the delay. I guess you and I both have gotten caught up in the rumble-tumble whirlwind they sometimes call life, right?

    You haven’t written for a while – hopefully you are out enjoying time with your family and Indiana’s summer sunshine!

    It’s a pleasure to finally meet you (sort of). Be in touch.


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