Spring Break

We have only 2 days left of spring break. Indiana has reared its’ ugly weather head at us, and made it difficult for us to be outside. For the past couple of weeks we have had warmer than usual temps, but Tuesday that all changed. It feels like winter again! I had wanted to go to the zoo. Matthew has only been once, and we all haven’t been since they renovated the dolphin area. Monday was really nice, but we were hanging out waiting on Brian to come home so Zach could go to the race track and practice. Brooke also had a shopping trip with Grammie that day. They were in search of a new swimsuit, but found a cute Easter outfit instead. Tuesday a big storm was headed our way, so we went to the movies and saw Meet the Robinson’s. I would recommend you go see it. It is clean, and has a really good family theme. We did not see it in 3D, and that is the only thing that could make it better. Today we went back and saw Are We Done Yet. It was funny, but there were two areas that could have been left out in my oppinion. You know the ones where your kids are sitting next to you, and you’re thinking please don’t go any further? Yeah, that. Luckily they did not go on, and no questions were asked. But I just have to wonder why it’s even in the movie. So as you can see, we haven’t done anything spectacular, but we have rested and had fun together. I am already sad that Monday will bring us full swing into our regular and busy routine. It is kind of nice that spring break and Easter have coincided this year. The kids and I have talked about palm sunday, Good Friday, and Easter. This is the reason we live and breathe.

We all need to reflect on Jesus’ walk into Jerusalem, His teachings, the immense beating that he endured, and the cross that He carried knowing that He would be crucified on it. He was nailed to that cross and suffered a horribly painful death for us. ALL for US! What did you do today that reflects your gratitude and love for Him? Have a blessed Easter, and celebrate the fact that Jesus died and rose again!

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