A gentle tug…

It’s so easy to slip, and do something you know is wrong, or to let fear take hold of your heart and restrict you from something great. Sometimes it is just bitterness that is hard to let go of that makes you slip. I have been guilty of all those things, and I can usually feel a little tug around the ankles if I pay close enough attention. Ya know what I’m saying? That tug is satan. He is always trying to pull you down, and he has many tricks in his bag. But since I am such a visual person, I also can see Jesus beside me, with His arm outstretched ready to pull me up. He doesn’t operate with trickery, just unconditional love. Why is that so hard for some to accept?

I have been working on a broken relationship the past few days. The relationship used to be a good one, and then something happened. If I knew specifically what it was, it would be easier to fix. This has carried over for way too long, even after I apologized for anything that I might have done, and asked for forgiveness. It has hurt me and my husband, and I want the pain to end. When I feel like I have made some progress, I feel shut out again. I need to spread the love of Christ, and not let satan rule the time we do share together. But he is there tugging, so I just reach closer to God, because He can change me and show me His favor. He can also give me the strength to keep trying, even when I might just want to cry. This is me on spring break…just talking to myself. haha


  1. gary lee says:

    only JESUS can defeat satan .if you hold tight to JESUS you cannot lose. dad

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