I want to welcome you to this blog. I have been inspired lately by some people that I don’t even know, and felt compelled to share that with you. My family and I have also been lifted up in prayer by friends and family, and some people that we don’t know very well. It amazes me, that in your darkest hour, all you have to do is cry out, and people are glad to pray for you. I have found that it isn’t easy for some people to let go, and ask for help. Not me, not anymore. I have felt the peace wash over me, and seen prayers answered in part already. What an awesome feeling! I explained it to my husband like this. Jesus is always with us, and He’s begging us to give Him our troubles and worries. Some refuse to listen to Him. I, on the other hand, feel like I dump a wheel barrow at His feet! What a relief that I don’t have to do it all alone. Jesus said that we will overcome if we patiently endure. He never promised that it would be easy. In fact, it is sometimes easier to follow satan than it is the Lord. That’s where I stand up and say I want to do what is pleasing in His sight only. I know that we will overcome this, and come out better and stronger because of this struggle. I have that faith.

I also believe that God has led me to create this blog. I have been a “lurker” to a couple of really good blogs, and they have enriched my life so much. When I was struggling with what to name it, I prayed for help. I then opened my bible and it fell open to Proverbs. Guidance for victory jumped out at me from chapter 24, verses 5 & 6. Let me read it to you. “A wise man has great power, and a man of knowledge increases strength; for waging war you need guidance, and for victory many advisers.” I feel like I am waging war against satan right now. How do I gain wisdom and knowledge? By studying God’s Word, He gives me guidance. I read it and etch it into my mind. Verses come to me throughout the day, in time of need or not. That is God speaking to me! My advisers are many. My dad is the best, and my mom when she can get a word in! I also have a great group of friends who have the same beliefs, and we have started a small bible study. These things are essential.

I think we are all waging war with something. God has given us the directions. If we choose to follow Him, we will have victory.

I want to use this avenue and share thoughts, feelings, joy, prayers, sadness, and most of all Victories through Jesus Christ with you. I look forward to hearing from you as we start this journey together. I will be adding some links to a few of my favorite blogs, and hope you will be touched and inspired as well.


  1. You are an inspiriation Jen! The sacrifice of praise in difficult times in your life is rewarded!

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